Divorce & Custody Services

Divorce and Custody Services

You may be faced with a difficult and sensitive family issue.  Often, the decisions you make may affect your life and your loved ones for years.



The attorneys at HSK have the knowledge, understanding and compassion to help navigate you through the complex legal system.  Because there are no easy decisions or simple solutions, HSK attorneys will offer one-on-one advice on all legal, financial and practical matters related to your divorce.  Our representation often includes intensive pre-filing negotiation to achieve resolution or post-filing enforcement to ensure all court orders are being fulfilled.  The lawyers at HSK can assist you in all matters, including pre-nuptial agreements, divorce/separation, dissolution, restraining orders, post-divorce modification, property division and spousal support / alimony.  Our attorneys have the knowledge and skill necessary to maintain your family stability while achieving your desired results.




There is nothing more important than the health and safety of your children during times of divorce.  Determining custody and visitation with children is often stressful and emotional.  The attorneys at HSK have the knowledge, understanding and compassion to ensure your parental rights are preserved while fashioning resolutions that are practical and ensure the best interests of your children are being met.  Whether you need assistance with physical custody, legal custody, shared parenting, stepparent / grandparent visitation, parental relocation or modification / enforcement of court orders, the attorneys at HSK are here to provide perspective, guidance, and to fashion real life solutions to fit your family needs.  We understand that financial security and time with your child are fundamental concerns.  While negotiation may be an option for some families, our attorneys are prepared to forcefully assert your legal rights in court.


Child Support

While decisions relating to the custody of your children are often difficult, ensuring the financial stability of your family should not be.  The attorneys at HSK have the knowledge and experience in all aspects of child support law, including Ohio’s Child Support Guidelines.  The amount of child support awarded in a particular case is based on the needs of the family and includes an assessment of income, employment, childcare expenses, medical care and insurance coverage.  Our attorneys will advocate for you whether in an administrative or court proceeding to ensure these factors are accurately reported and the amount of child support is lawful.  We are prepared to advocate long after the initial order for support where a change in circumstance warrants a request for modification.