Comprehensive Legal Services

comprehensive legal services

Comprehensive Legal Services

HSK is prepared to handle cases of all types. No matter the legal challenge, HSK provides every client with sound legal advice to ensure the comfort and confidence they seek and require.

Personal Injury

Suffering injury as a result of another person’s actions can result not only in the immediate effects of physical and emotional pain but also lasting economic effects from lost income and the high cost of medical bills.

The hurt, stress and uncertainty that accompanies these difficult times can be magnified by persons unwilling to accept responsibility for their action and by insurance companies that adopt strategies designed only to benefit their own bottom lines.

Legal counsel can be invaluable in helping you through this difficult time. HSK’s attorneys take time to answer your questions and provide you legal clarity. If and when it is time to go to court, you can be assured that HSK does not hesitate to go to trial and fight for its clients.

Before making any decisions, consult with HSK for free.


It can be a difficult world. Not all people and businesses believe that they must live up to their legal obligations.

Contractual obligations and consumer protections exist to make sure that you are fairly treated. Before, during, or after entering into any agreement it is never too early or too late to consult with a lawyer to ensure you are protected.

Whether building or remodeling a home, dealing with a contractor, or making a major purchase or investment, HSK has the experience to guide you through these major decisions.


It is hard to make ends meet.  It is even harder when an employer does not play by the rules.  If you believe that you:

  • Are wrongly being denied overtime compensation or not being paid for all of the hours you work;
  • Have been wrongly denied employment, promotion, benefits, or have been terminated because of your age, gender, disability, race or ethnicity, religious beliefs, or other improper grounds; or
  • Have been retaliated against because you spoke up against employer wrongdoing;

Contact us at HSK for guidance about your legal rights.

Real Estate

Whether buying or selling a home, investing in property, or entering into a lease the issues that confront you range from the practical to the complex. There is too much at stake not to have the advice of experienced counsel.

Contact the attorneys at HSK for concise, practical counsel to help you through the process from negotiation to closing.


HSK’s breadth of experience and knowledge in wide-ranging legal areas makes it an ideal choice to pursue or defend your legal rights on appeal.

The attorneys of HSK bring the knowledge and practical insight that comes from both prosecuting & defending criminal cases. We have successfully handled criminal appeals ranging from misdemeanors through and including the most serious of felonies.

HSK’s lawyers likewise bring a wide range of experience at the appellate level in civil cases including estate and probate matters; contract disputes; employment; real property claims; and numerous other areas of expertise.

“HSK invites you to speak with us and examine our depth of experience and knowledge. “