Corporate Entity Appointed Guardian of Incompetent Adult

By HSK, June 2, 2014

The Twelfth District Court of Appeals for Butler County recently appointed a corporate entity as guardian of the person and estate of the adult son instead of one of his parents.  The Court noted that both the mother and the father of the adult child were unable to control his actions.  This is a case which is likely to be repeated as the groundswell of younger incompetent adult and semi-competent persons begin affecting public safety forces and public social service personnel. The diagnosis of autism cases is ballooning and those children are becoming adults.  The son lived at home and was clearly incompetent but was capable enough to live at home with the oversight of his parents.  However, the strong, young adult male easily overcame the physical ability of his aging parents to control him.  This will be an area where there will be few answers.  Young children can be controlled, but with the coming of adolescence and beyond, control of the physical behavior of stronger, younger individuals by their aging parents will fail.

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