Hire an Honest Lawyer

By HSK, March 17, 2014

The seventh district court of appeals just recently denied a motion for sanctions against an attorney who was alleged to be filing frivolous and misleading pleadings with a court.  It is high time the courts started granting sanctions against attorneys for bad behavior.  There is a certain percentage of attorneys out there, a small percentage, but a group none the less that torments the rest of the practicing bar with nonsense lawsuits and incompetent representation.  It is only when this group starts getting punished that they will stop causing damage to the community with their activity.  They get away with it and will not stop until consequences are levied.  If your lawyer does not have the sense to tell you that your case is a waste of your time and money, then that lawyer is just using you.  Why hire someone who is going to charge you good money after bad and also cause you to suffer again in the face of your enemy  when you lose?

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