Probate Real Estate Concerns

By HSK, March 6, 2014

The Fourth district court of appeals for Ohio just decided a case on February 27th that held a property owner liable in money damages to his neighbor for surface water trespass caused by negligent logging.  Gas well fracking and lumbering activities have resulted in clear cutting of trees that has caused flooding for adjoining properties.  If you are careless it can cost you money.  Probate cases often involve real estate that has been damaged near to the point in time of the death of the owner.  A good probate attorney can help recover damages for the estate beneficiaries.  Probate administration can involve much more than having the will admitted and money distributed.  Whatever problems a deceased person had with regard to his/her property do not always cease with death.  Experience in real estate law is always a must.

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2021-07-19 11:48:17

Real estate probate is the legal process following a homeowner’s death, where the property either transfers ownership to someone or is sold. Work with a probate expert. when you are selecting a real estate agent to assist you with your purchase, ask for details of their recent probate experience in your marketplace.

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