Visitation Rights for Divorced Parents of Adult Disabled Children

By HSK, April 3, 2014

Our very own 11th District court of appeals has ruled that the divorced parents of an adult disabled child may be given visitation rights over the objection of the other parent if such visitation is in the best interests of the adult child.  The court further held that there is no absolute right to either parent to have visitation, and upheld the Geauga county probate court’s denial of the father’s visitation request because the adult child did not want it and the court determined it was not in the child’s best interests.  Probate court is the only court that can handle visitation issues between divorced parents of an adult disabled child.  You need a probate attorney who is able to handle such a case for you in the probate court.

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Krystal Wake
2017-06-14 19:54:31

Can anyone give me any specific case law that allows for visitation of an adult disablex child against the objection of a custodial parent? I see that this is a probate court matter and the 11th circuit court upheld tbiz right in april of 2015, but i cant find specific case law to file with the probate court

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2014-08-22 00:27:11

What are the basic human right of an adult with mild-moderate disability who wants to see their family members but the parent whom they live with refuses to allow visits? Can anyone answer this?

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Margaret @ Henderson probate attorney
2014-07-18 08:10:52

This is a very interesting topic! It’s important to get an experienced probate lawyer on your side to help you with this kind of problem.

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